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Using the latest technology in cold formed steel, our high tech roll former punches every service hole, web notch, screw hole, base plate fixing point and sheers every cut when forming the framing required. Every job is produced using CAD engineering software, producing framing that is millimetre accurate for a high quality build,with minimal wastage.

fast building

Wall frames and roof trusses are supplied in prefabricated form ready to erect. Steel frames are much lighter than timber frames, making trusses and frames much easier to handle and ultimately speeding up the erection process. Frames are not affected by rain, greatly reducing delays due to adverse weather conditions.

save money

Labour costs are reduced due to our time-saving rapid build system. Due to every job being created using CAD software and being formed in our high tech roll former, there is very little wastage, which means you get your precise lineal metreage required with no overburden, also reducing on site waste.

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